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Communicate and Educate with a professional video.

  1. Educational/Informational - Need a video of an upcoming event? Do you have a speaker coming to your venue that you would like filmed? We have experience filming many different types of educational/informational videos from public speakers to The Fairmont Police Department, Fire Department and Mayo Clinic staging a mock drunk driving accident for the local High School. 
  2. Documentaries - Gemini Studios can help bring your story, town history, Church or historic venue to life with studio interviews, new film footage and archived film and photographs.
  3. Informercial/How-To Videos - We can produce a video on your business or product for you to use on your own website and social media outlest. Perhaps you want to make a video on how to install a program on your computer, or installing a new part in your vehicle. We can help you create any how-to video you can think of.

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