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For 125 years, Hand's Park has provided Fairmont and the surrounding areas with a beautiful location for family gatherings, ball games, dances, live entertainment and so much more. 

The founder of Hand's Park, Ernest Hand Sr., purchased land from his father Linnaeus Hand, and with only a boathouse and 2 boats, Ernest opened Hand's Park in 1893 at only 18 years old.

In 1912 Ernest installed a light plant allowing him to generate his own light and power. As his family grew he built a 3 story, 10 bedroom home that was used as a living quarters as well as a bed and breakfast for guests. In an effort to expand park attractions, Ernest purchased more land on the south shore of North Silver Lake. This was then called "North Park." Ernest traveled to Chicago to look at major league baseball fields, once he returned he built a major league sized baseball diamond field on North Park.

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